Monday Mailbag: Emperor Ronaldus DeSantius Edition

by | Feb 10, 2020

Real emails* from real readers…

“Normally, I’d invite everyone to come out and see the annual Press Skits at The Moon tonight, but the jokes are going to very lame this year.” –Gary Fineout

“The jokes are always lame, I’m going anyway, because it’s a great setting to drink with my friends while I thank God I didn’t become a reporter.” –Drew Piers

“I rarely go to Press Skits, but if I do this year, it’ll be to drown my sorrows about Joe Biden’s prospects tomorrow in New Hampshire.” –Steve Schale

“We’re going to Press Skits to drown our sorrows about the Trump impeachment failure.” –Florida Democrats

“I’m going to Press Skits because I have absolutely nothing to fear from Florida’s press corps. They never ask me any tough questions.” –Nikki Fried

“I can’t make it to press skits tomorrow, but that’s okay, because The Capitolist just published a brand new Game of Pols episode!” –Rick Scott



From the Diary of Emperor Ronaldus DeSantius


*All real emails are highlighted in bright yellow so that even Nikki Fried’s lawyers can tell the difference between actual evidence of ethics violations and a satirical mockery of their client. For those that aren’t sure, Game of Pols: SGPF is a work of fiction. This should be obvious to anyone who isn’t suffering from delusional paranoia.

To be considered for future episodes of Game of Pols, persons of consequence may apply by sending an email to


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  1. William Maday

    Gov DeSantis is doing just fine – YOU are a SOCIALIST – and STUPID to boot. You can’t change the entire State government very quickly. LEAVE FL you POS!

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