Monday Mailbag: Intercepted Text Messages Edition

by | Jul 16, 2018

Real* intercepted text messages from Real readers of The Capitolist…

Leaked by Frank White’s newest consultant, Melissa Stone:

Rick Scott’s phone is in constant use, but he always keeps a full charge for important calls:


Given the antiquated technology involved, it’s a miracle The Capitolist  was able to intercept this text exchange at all:


Intercepted late last week during President Trump’s trip to Europe:


Gwen Graham, still trailing Phil Levine in the polls, seeks advice from a trusted counselor:

Meanwhile at RPOF headquarters….

Must read: Buzzfeed: How One Man Owned the Libs and the Establishment – and Took over the Florida Republican Party

Adam Corey, normally an AT&T customer, was having network troubles…but we still managed to intercept this exchange a few months back:

*All real leaked or intercepted text messages are framed in bright yellow borders so that even people still using ancient Nokia phones can tell the difference between a real iMessage and a totally faked SMS text sent using a T9 keyboard.


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