Monday Mailbag: Nikki Fried LIVE from the Peachtree Center Edition

by | Apr 13, 2020

Real* emails and memes from real readers…

“Look, the reason the governor only wears one glove is because coronavirus is only half the threat experts predicted.” –Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees

“So coronavirus is only hitting Florida half as hard as people hit Nikki Fried on Twitter this weekend?” –Joe Gruters

“What lockdown, though?” –Nikki Fried

“Ooh…memes can be fun after all. Let me try some…” –Ron DeSantis

“It’s that easy to make memes? Wow. This is great fun.” –Ron DeSantis

“Blah blah blah excuse, excuse, blah blah, family excuse, blah blah…we can make memes, too.” –Nikki Fried’s communications team

“2/10 did not laugh.” –Marco Rubio

“Nikki Fried, you’re fired from making memes…” –Donald Trump

“Anyone can make memes and submit them to The Capitolist? Let me try some apolitical memes…everyone likes those.” –Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva




*All real emails are highlighted in bright yellow so that Nikki Fried’s communications team can tell the difference between scathing satire and biting reality, which should be obvious to anyone who doesn’t work for a Democrat desperately pining for Joe Biden’s attention.

Persons of consequence wishing to submit their own memes or fake emails can send them to with complete confidence that their anonymity will be protected.


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  1. Harold Finch

    Nikki Fried…just a silly buffoon!! And a political hack starting her campaign for Governor……

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