Monday Mailbag: Pig Pen Edition

by | Mar 12, 2018

Real emails from real readers…

Finally! The gambling bill is once again out of its misery and we can all go back to planning for next year.” –Gaming Lobbyists

“Finally! The budget is done and I can now pick through $89 billion worth of line items and find things to bolster my campaign for Senate.” –Rick Scott

“Finally! All this boring policy crap is out of the way. Now I can start raising some serious money for my attorney general campaign.” –Richard Corcoran

“Finally! I think Sheldon Adelson is finally gonna stroke a fat check to my gubernatorial campaign.” –Ron DeSantis

Finally! I don’t have to put up with Gary Farmer for a few months.” –Lauren Book

“Finally! Lauren Book can focus on raising her children for the next few months instead of wasting time trying to lead Senate Democrats.” –Gary Farmer

Finally! We have someone like Gary Farmer who is worthy of leading the Pig Pen!” Jack Latvala, Steven Bittle and Jeff Clemens

“I wonder if any of my former colleagues are picking Florida State to beat Missouri in the opening round of the NCAA tournament.” –John Thrasher

“Even if FSU escapes Missouri, they’ll never get past Xavier. At least the Gators have a shot to make it to the Sweet Sixteen.” –Adam Putnam

I’ve got two teams to root for in the big dance… ” –UF and “The U” alumnus Bill Galvano

“We don’t know who’s gonna win the big dance, but it’s obvious that small business owners were big winners of the 2018 Session.” –NFIB Florida

“Speaking of big winners…how about people needing short-term loans–AMSCOT

I gotta admit, Joe Negron proved me wrong the way he handled his business in the closing days of session.” –Frank Artiles

While we’re still on the subject of big winners, let’s hear it for a pair of Senators who made it possible for us to keep ripping off small boat owners!” –Sea Tow aka “Sea Pirates”

I know it happened a couple weeks ago, but let’s all admit Randy Fine’s interview was a masterclass in staying on message in the gun debate.” –CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

*All real emails are highlighted in bright yellow so that even Gary Farmer can tell the difference between comments that are appropriate in the Mailbag and comments that haven’t been appropriate since 1955.


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