Monday Mailbag: Stale Coronavirus Meme Collection Edition

by | Apr 6, 2020

Real memes from real readers about coronavirus….

“The sky is falling, we’re all going to die, and it’s unquestionably the fault of Ron DeSantis.” –Nikki Fried

“Sounds like a winning slogan for the 2022 governor’s race. Incidentally, please tell Nikki I find myself available if she’s looking to hire campaign staff.” –Kevin Cate

“She probably won’t hire anyone until after Joe Biden rejects her for the VP slot. No offense intended. I just know Joe.” –Steve Schale

“Finally, political jokes that don’t revolve around lame memes unrelated to Florida.” –Herbie Thiele

“Hey Burgess, please don’t do anymore COVID-19 toilet paper jokes, we’ve heard them all.” –Drew Piers



“Dude, we are quarantined with literally NOTHING to do. We’ve seen all the toilet paper jokes like a hundred times.” –Jon Costello

“Just one more?” –Brian Burgess

“I’m pleased to announce that Sachs Media Group will help with a rebranding campaign for Corona Beer. Here’s something to kickstart the brainstorming…” –Ron Sachs

“Please get back to the relevant funny stuff involving Florida politics. I’m begging you.” —Herbie Thiele 

*All real emails are highlighted in bright yellow, which everyone already knows by now, so we’ll use this section to remind everyone – including those Biden staffers responsible for vetting her as a potential VP shortlister – that Nikki Fried still hasn’t explained how that mysterious $166,000 in cash materialized in her checking account after winning the election, and her 2019 Form 6 is due in just 90 days…


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