Monday Mailbag: The Brian Burgess Went to Canada, but he’ll be extradited soon Edition 

by | Jul 31, 2017

“While the brave leader and founder of The Capitolist is celebrating his American roots in Canada, we’ve invited a special anonymous “ghost editor” for this week’s Monday Mailbag. The great news is that it wasn’t all too difficult to find someone else sarcastic, jaded and snarky living in Tallahassee with the time to spare. All real emails are highlighted in bright yellow so that readers can get a little more sunshine in their day.” – Ghost Rider Writer

“Ann and John, please don’t drop the ball on Monday Mailbag, it’s kind of what I’m known for, thanks.” – Brian Burgess

“I don’t know about that, I’d say you are better known for killing the governors dog and trying to cover it up.” – Brian Hughes

“Eh, when I think Brian Burgess I think a poor man’s Peter Schorsh.” – Marc Caputo

“To be fair to Brian, not everyone can afford to cruise the world dressed up like a middle aged Disney prince.  Some have to fly Silver Air to Canada and fish for vacation.” – Peter Schorsh

“If that Burgess guy says anything again about my declining political stock he’ll be sleeping with the fishes up there in Canada. Just ask Mom.” (OK, you can clap now.) – Jeb Bush

“‘Speaking of falling political stock and fishing, I always saw Brian as a big fish in a small pond when he worked for me. Did he really have to go 1,700 miles to find a pond small enough for him?  Four words for you, Burgess: Let’s get to work. You’ve gotten soft in the private sector.” – Rick Scott 

“Speaking of vacations, if anyone needs some low-cost Florida vacation options feel free to give me a ring.” – Ken Lawson

“Sounds like some Tallahassee insiders might end up taking a vacation to club Fed.” – Tallahassee Democrats “Investigative” Reporting Team

“That’s a tax payer funded vacation even I can support.” – Richard Corcoran

“For the record, I’ve got nothing to do with the Tallahassee CRA FBI investigation or with the ‘vote of no confidence’ for that Miami Beach mayor, but I admit, I did smile when I heard about both.”-  Bob Graham

“I love you Daddy, you make me smile. I’m so happy you’ve been able to accomplish so much because I want to be just like you when I grow up.” – Bob Graham’s daughter

“Hey John, while Burgess is away with little to no wifi, I think we should go back our roots and use this time to start a TV show. If he gets mad, we can tell him it was Ron Sachs’ idea.” – Ann Howard


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