Monday Mailbag: The Oracle’s New Vision Edition

by | May 7, 2018

Real emails from real readers…

“Two things wrong with your Game of Pols cartoon: You spelled Oliva’s name wrong and Corcoran never endorsed Moody.” –James “The Watchdog” Blair

“What about the fact that the cartoon incorrectly predicted Corcoran was running for Attorney General?” Brad “Sean Hannity’s Nephew” Herold

Yeah. What about that?” –Ashley Moody

“What about these rumors, surrounding us every day. I just need some time…some time to get away from…from all these rumors. Can’t take it no more.” –Peter Schorsch

“Technically the cartoon didn’t predict he was running for attorney general. It just hinted that Corcoran was exploring the possibility.” –Blaise “Earl of Elephants” Ingoglia

“I hate to change the subject, but did you see that I opened my new Orlando campaign office?” –Bob Graham’s Daughter

I hate to change the subject, but has anyone noticed how much money I’m giving to Andrew Gillum’s campaign?” –George Soros

“We hate to point this out, but has anyone noticed that George Soros invested millions in two of the world’s largest coal companies?” –Florida Environmentalists

“What’s the big deal? Taking tainted contributions hasn’t stopped me in the past. Why should it stop me now?” –Andrew Gillum

I hate to change the subject, but has anyone seen Bill Nelson? I wanted to give him his Loser of the Week award.” Adam Smith

GAME OF POLS: Bill Nelson in Winter




*All real emails are highlighted in bright yellow so that even Bill Nelson can tell the difference between mockery and honest people trying to help him see the writing on the wall.


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