Monday Memebag: More Broward Shenanigans Edition

by | Nov 12, 2018

Real memes from real readers…and some really weird news at the bottom that probably already has FDLE’s attention…














And now…I’m just gonna leave you with this Twitter post (below). At 2am I started to work up a real story on it…but there’s just too much here that I find objectionable…including the fact that this GOP committeeman is leaking people’s names before the proper law enforcement authorities can investigate. There is nothing useful about leaking the information this man allegedly found, so for now I remain skeptical.

Nevertheless, judge for yourself, and have fun going down this rabbit hole…



  1. Richard DeNapoli

    And names all turned out to be accurate

  2. Anonymous

    Wow I thought only the left went this far. Dispicable.We leave that to the left. Thank goodness Richard DeNapoli found this malfeasance

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