Moody recovers more than $1 Million for consumers amid Covid-19 scams

by | Sep 3, 2020

Attorney General Ashley Moody announced Tuesday more than $1 million in recoveries for consumers contacting the Florida Attorney General’s Office regarding COVID-19 related purchases, cancellations and scams. Florida remains under a state of emergency due to the spread of the novel coronavirus and Attorney General Moody’s Price Gouging Hotline remains active for consumers to file complaints related to price increases on essential commodities needed to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“Since activating Florida’s price gouging hotline, to take reports of extreme price increases related to the Covid-19 pandemic our rapid response team has recovered more than $1 million for consumers. We couldn’t have secured these refunds and credits without your help. Florida remains in the state of emergency and price gauging on a central commodities related to the pandemic is still against the law,” said Moody. 

Moody also emphasizes that her office remains committed to stopping those who try to exploit the crisis and take advantage of the pandemic. 

“While I am extraordinarily proud of our Rapid Response Team recovering more than $1 million for consumers, our efforts are far from over. We continue to pursue allegations of extreme price increases and other Covid-19 related scams and unfair business practices, and I remain committed to doing everything under the authority of this office to stop those trying to exploit this crisis by taking advantage of Floridians,” said Moody.

In addition to securing more than $1 million for consumers since activating Florida’s Price Gouging Hotline, the Florida Attorney General’s Office received approximately 5,100 consumer contacts about the price of essential commodities, made more than 9,500 referrals and contacts to merchants about allegations of price gouging, refunds and scams, issued 92 subpoenas to further price gouging investigations, and worked with online platforms to deactivate 250 posts offering items for outrageous prices.




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