More than a million ballots cast in Florida’s primary, GOP continues to lead in ballots submitted

by | Aug 20, 2018

With Florida’s primary election just over a week away, more  than a million ballots have now been cast either through mail-in ballots or early voting. As of Monday morning, the Secretary of State’s office reports 1.024 million ballots have been submitted to local county election supervisors. That includes 162,631 in the first week of early voting which began a week ago, although all 67 counties were required to open early voting locations.

There’s still no sign of a “blue wave” developing for Democrats. As matter of fact, Republicans dominate in vote-by-mail numbers.

As for those early vote ballots that have been cast in the first week, Democrats hold a 5,564 ballot margin, but Republicans continue to dominate in mail-in ballots holding a 58,128 lead. Vote-by-mail started two weeks ago.

Overall, in both early voting and mail-in ballots cast, Republicans continue to hold a lead in ballots cast of more than 52,000 ballots.

Miami-Dade reports the most ballots cast, with nearly 106,000. It’s followed by Hillsborough, Pinellas and Broward.

Florida’s early voting rules require polls must begin 10 days before election day, with counties being allowed to add extra days. Polls must be open at least eight hours daily.

During early voting, voters can cast their ballots at any site in their county of residence. Dates, times and location vary by county.

Miami-Dade reports the most early ballots cast with nearly 106,000, followed  again by Hillsborough, Pinellas and Broward counties.

For a complete list of early voting schedules, click here.


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