Nelson launches two new campaign ads, one attacking Rick Scott’s record as governor

by | Sep 25, 2018

The campaign of Bill Nelson begins airing two new campaign spots this weekend. One takes a nostalgic, positive view of when Nelson flew into space aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1986 as a payload specialist, The other is an attack ad targeting Gov. Rick Scott’s record as governor.

The attack ad, called “Speak,” starts with a video clip of Scott saying “the results speak for themselves.”

“The worst toxic algae crisis in Florida’s modern history,” the narrator says. “Eight hundred thousand Floridians denied health coverage, $1.3 billion cut in education. Gave donors secret contracts after Hurricane Irma that cost taxpayers $30 million. Made half a billion dollars in one deal as governor and hid it.”

Throughout the spot, Scott’s clip saying  “the results speak for themselves.” is repeated several times.

Nelson has claimed that reductions in environmental programs during the Scott administration has contributed to the algae problem being experienced in South Florida and the incumbent senator has been critical of failing to accept expansion of the Medicaid program to  provide health care to more Floridians.

The second spot, called “Strapped,” shows Nelson in a town hall-style meeting reflecting on his journey into space he took 32 years ago. He tells of the launch and looking back at the Earth as the space shuttle ascended.

“I look back at Earth. I didn’t see religious divisions. I didn’t see political divisions. I didn’t see racial divisions,” Nelson says.“What I saw is, we’re all in this together. If we just remembered that, we’d get a lot more done.”

Scott released his own ad Monday called “No Show.” It attacks Nelson for spending a lifetime in politics and never working a real job. It accuses Nelson of working short work weeks of three days, as opposed to a five-day work week that most people put in. It also accuses Nelson of being a “no show” in 45 percent of key congressional hearings relating to national security.



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