New ad aims at showing a more personal side of the governor and first lady

by | Oct 24, 2018

With less than two weeks remaining before the election, Rick Scott’s U.S. Senate campaign released a new ad political ad Wednesday designed to show a more personal side of the governor and First Lady Ann Scott. The 1:00 spot is called “Our Story” and features the Scott’s talking about their humble beginnings, marriage and raising a family.

“I spotted him across the library,” recalls Ann Scott recalling the first time she saw her husband.

“Love at first sight,” the governor responds.

“That’s what he says,” says the first lady. “We got married and the next day we moved 1,500 miles away to Newport, Rhode Island, because he had enlisted in the Navy.

“And I worked full-time to put you through law school while working on a degree for me as well.”

The first lady recalls beginning their life together with very nothing more than the bare necessities. They slept on sleeping bags for the six months they were married, using a Coleman cooler as a table and apple crates as nightstands.

“And then we decided a couple of years after I graduated that we wanted to start a family. We have two girls,,” said Ann Scott.

“We would have had more kids if we weren’t broke,” says the governor

The first lady adds, “Now we have six grandsons.”

After reflecting on their grandchildren, the governor ends the spot by saying, “We’ve had a great life.”

Recent polls have shown the contest between Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson remains pretty much a toss-up. Although two polls released earlier this week by CNN and Quinnipiac University showed Nelson with stronger numbers — a 5-point lead in the CNN survey and a 6-point lead in the Quinnipiac poll.

With Scott focusing his efforts on guiding the recovery efforts following Hurricane Michael, he has not been able to devote as much time to campaigning. As a result, the governor has turned to his wife to take a more active role on the campaign trail on behalf of her husband.













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