New ad by Scott campaign critical of Nelson regarding votes on judicial nominations

by | Jul 5, 2018

If you’re keeping track of political ads in the race for the U.S. Senate, score another one for Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign. It’s a new ad with a familiar message: incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson toes the party line, especially when it comes to judicial nominations.

“Democrat presidents have nominated more than 700 judges, and Nelson never opposed a single one. Not one,” the announcer says in the spot. “Nelson obeyed party bosses every time.”

The ad comes just days before President Donald Trump is scheduled to announce his choice of judge to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump is expected to announce his nominee on Monday.

The spot is also critical of Nelson for voting along party lines with Democratic leaders. It claims he voted with Hillary Clinton 89 percent of the time when she was in office and 98 percent of the time with President Barack Obama.

“Bill Nelson wants Floridians to think he is independent, but his record shows that when it comes down to it, Nelson cares more about democratic party bosses than the Floridians he serves,” said Scott campaign spokeswoman Lauren Schenone. “…Nelson admitted that he expects to vote against the Supreme Court nominee, before even knowing their name. Only a career politician wouldn’t recognize such blatant party line politics. Floridians deserve a senator who will fight for them… not a career politician like Bill Nelson who keeps putting Florida last.”

The ad will appear on television and digital platforms across the state. It’s justs the latest in a series of spots that have been critical of Nelson for his partisan stances, being a career politician, and depicting him as being ineffective in Congress.

When it comes to media buys, the Scott campaign has far outpaced Nelson’s campaign — largely due to the fact that Scott’s ability to raise money has far exceeded Nelson’s.


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