New era brings new name for Gulf Power’s Plant Crist

by | Jan 25, 2021

Gulf Power is changing the name of its Pensacola plant to reflect its new vision for green energy for the Sunshine State.

Plant Crist, a Gulf Power plant that recently converted from coal to natural gas, was renamed the Gulf Clean Energy Center over the weekend to commemorate a new chapter as a cleaner generating plant. The conversion is part of Florida Power and Light (FPL) and Gulf Power’s commitment to invest in cleaner energy while ensuring long-term reliability for Florida customers.

“Plant Crist has been a powerful force in our region for 75 years, generating power that has supported our communities and sustained economic growth across the Panhandle,” said Marlene Santos, Gulf Power president. “We’re honored to be able to continue that legacy by modernizing the plant to be able to continue to serve Northwest Florida as Gulf Clean Energy Center, delivering greater reliability, lower operating costs and cleaner emissions as we meet the ever-increasing energy needs of our customers well into the future.”

The plant, which was originally named after James F. Crist, who was president of Gulf Power in the late 1940s, had been transitioning into natural gas since last year after a merger with FPL in 2020. The company originally planned to use coal as a back-up fuel, but the damage caused by Hurricane Sally last September accelerated Gulf Power’s plans to modernize its last remaining Florida coal plant in Escambia County.

The name change coincides with the new direction by FPL, which includes strengthening the grid against storms and hurricanes, providing new and reliable sources of energy, and keeping customers’ bills below the national average.

FPL, which now serves over 5 million Floridians from Miami to Pensacola, is also making major green energy investments in Northwest Florida, building over 1,000 acres of solar farms throughout the area. The farms will both be able to generate 74.5 megawatts, according to their website.

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