Contrary to Gillum’s statements, new records show him as likely target of FBI probe

by | Oct 26, 2018

There are new revelations being made public about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew  Gillum and the extent of his involvement in the FBI’s investigation of public corruption within Tallahassee City Hall.

A report published Friday in the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald details additional records released by the attorney representing Adam Corey, the former associate of Gillum’s whose name has been mentioned as part of the FBI probe.

The new documents suggest that an undercover FBI agent who went by the name of “Mike Miller” may have helped pay for a fundraiser dinner for Gillum’s political committee. 

The records show that Miller might have paid $4,000 for food and drinks at an April 11, 2016 a fundraiser at Corey’s house. The fundraiser was for Gillum’s political committee, Forward Florida.

“Attached is the invoice for the dinner you graciously offered to sponsor,” Corey wrote to Miller five days after the fundraiser. “As mentioned, it was a bit higher than I expected because of some last minute attendees so let me know what you would like to cover and I’ll handle the rest. Again, I really appreciate this!”

The release of these new documents by Corey’s attorney follows the release of 150 pages of text messages and emails on Tuesday as part of a state ethics investigation. The Florida Commission on Ethics is looking into whether Gillum accepted gifts worth more than $100 without properly reporting them.

The original set of documents raised new questions about what Gillum knew about favors and gifts from lobbyists and FBI agents during trips taken to Costa Rica and New York that included Gillum. They seem to contradict Gillum’s version of the trips.

They show that Gillum likely knew that tickets to the Broadway play Hamilton were paid for by the undercover FBI agent,  Miller, who was posing as a developer and did not come from Gillum’s brother, as Gillum claimed. The texts also show the agent paid for Gillum’s hotel room on that trip.

According to Friday’s Times/Herald report, “a search of the committee’s records does not show the contribution, and it’s unclear from the records whether Miller paid for it.”

Gillum has insisted the FBI has told him he is not a subject of the agency’s probe into Tallahassee City Hall. But these continuing revelations about the involvement of an FBI undercover agent in the political life of Gillum continue to raise questions with 11 days remaining before the November 6 election

Gillum made a stop in Tallahassee Friday morning as part of his college campus bus tour. He did not comment on the latest developments regarding the FBI probe and the documents released Friday by Corey’s attorney. Following the rally, Gillum was whisked onto his tour bus and drove away, despite the fact his handlers told reporters that Gillum would be made available to the media for questions immediately following the rally.


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