New Zealand company to install 6,000+ electric vehicle chargers in Florida

by | Jul 21, 2022

  • New Zealand-based company announced Thursday it plans to install more than 6,000 electric vehicle chargers in Florida over the coming months
  • The expansion will target mostly commercial sites, parking lots and other developments
  • Once fully deployed, IUC will be the largest EV charger operator in Florida

Invisible Urban Charging (IUC) is deploying more than 6,000 chargers for electric vehicles in Florida.

The New Zealand-based company is working with Lincoln Property Company, one of the largest private U.S. property developers and a leader in sustainable building design, to install the EV chargers in the Sunshine State over the coming months.

“EV charger infrastructure is a critical piece of the puzzle that will accelerate the shift to electric transport,” said Nigel Broomhall, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IUC. “By rolling out high volumes of EV chargers, we encourage more people to drive electric sooner. We expect our rollout will also help add high-paying local jobs, and more EVs will improve air quality, make Florida cities quieter and cleaner, reduce the dependence on foreign oil, and assist in help reduce the impacts of climate change.”

IUC was founded in 2019 in New Zealand with the mission to accelerate the world’s transition to electric transportation. The EV service provider partners with major property owners to provide on-site EV charging at scale in high numbers, which they say will help them meet an increasing demand that is expected to require 3.5 million chargers by 2030.

“The partnership with IUC and Lincoln properties is in alignment with Jones Lang LaSalle’s goals in sustainability and supports our global initiatives to build a better world through real estate,” said Brian Terrell, Senior Managing Director for JLL.

The first phase involves 3,827 chargers being installed over the next year in Florida, mainly in the Orlando and Tampa areas, according to the company.

Once fully deployed, IUC notes that they will have doubled the number of EV chargers in Florida, making it the largest EV charger operator in the state.


  1. Manolete El Torero

    Why are you not reporting what the cost to the consumer will be?

    • GD

      EVs soon will store power and then generate it on demand, V2G, for money so on some at least, consumers will get paid and free charging to plug in.
      If they get a lot of them they can make a Virtual Power Plant/VPP which can buy cheap power to charge the EVs and get good rates for selling the on demand power.
      They will combine/aggregate them and homes, buildings and their solar, batteries and loads to make a larger VPP.
      If DeSantis, etc don’t interfere Homes, buildings, businesses and EVs making, storing and generating on demand is the future for lower cost power that can’t be jacked up by FF prices.
      Times are going to change fast and get a lot cheaper as we no longer have to buy polluting FFs which support Putin, Saudis, oil wars, recessions for national and economic security reasons we need to get off FFs. That they are clean and 50% lower cost is a nice bonus.
      And a lot more Florida energy jobs.

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