Nominees for sixteen state agency leadership positions pass confirmation hearings

by | Apr 24, 2023

  • 16 nominees for various state agency positions in Florida appeared before the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee seeking confirmation recommendations.
  • The confirmation process involved a review of each nominee’s qualifications, experience, and their plan to lead their respective agency, with all 16 nominees receiving the committee’s recommendation for confirmation.
  • The recommended nominees included Jeffrey Mark Glass, Brian Newman, Jason C. Weida, Melanie Griffin, Shevaun Harris, Ricky Dixon, Taylor N. Hatch, Michelle Branham, Emile DeShawn Hamilton, Timothy M. Cerio, Eric Hall, John F. Davis, Pedro M. Allende, John D. Haas, Jared W. Perdue, and Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

Sixteen nominees for the heads of various state agencies in Florida appeared before the Florida Senate Ethics and Elections Committee on Monday to seek the committee’s recommendation for confirmation.

Initially selected by Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Senate Committee’s confirmation process involved a review of each nominee’s qualifications, experience, and vision for their agency. During the hearings, the nominees were also asked to address any potential concerns or questions from the committee members. All sixteen nominees received the committee’s recommendation.

The nominees included Jeffrey Mark Glass for the position of Executive Director of the Department of Law Enforcement, Brian Newman as Director and Chief Judge of the Division of Administrative Hearings, Jason C. Weida as Secretary of Health Care Administration, Melanie Griffin as Secretary of Business and Professional Regulation, Shevaun Harris as Secretary of Children and Families, Ricky Dixon as Secretary of Corrections, Taylor N. Hatch as Director of Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Michelle Branham as Secretary of Elderly Affairs, and Emile DeShawn Hamilton as Secretary of Environmental Protection.

The confirmed nominees also include Timothy M. Cerio as Executive Director of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Eric Hall as Secretary of Juvenile Justice, John F. Davis as Secretary of the Department of the Lottery, Pedro M. Allende as Secretary of Management Services, John D. Haas as Adjutant General of Florida National Guard, Jared W. Perdue as Secretary of Transportation, and Dr. Joseph Ladapo as State Surgeon General.

For some, like Weida, today’s hearing process was the most recent of several. Appearing before the Senate Committee on Health Policy earlier this month, he delineated his vision for the agency under his leadership, which encompasses prioritizing the enhancement of healthy birth outcomes for women across the state.

Ultimately securing the confirmation recommendation, Weida emphasized the necessity of bolstering childhood and teenage mental health programs, also pointing to the importance of expanding home and community-based services, while additionally highlighting an agency goal of continued collaboration with First Lady Casey DeSantis on her healthcare and cancer research initiatives.

“I look forward to continuing the work that we have begun with the governor and the First Lady, as well as the members of this committee and the legislature as a whole as we all do our best to improve healthcare for all Floridians,” said Weida.

In Florida, the number of confirmation hearings a nominee for a potential agency leader must go through may vary depending on the agency and the specific circumstances of the appointment.

Typically, a nominee will go through one confirmation hearing in front of the Senate committee responsible for reviewing the nomination before being subjected to a Senate floor vote. During the hearing, the nominee will be tasked with answering a number of questions from senators about their qualifications and long-term plan in leading the agency they have been nominated to lead.


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