New ads in governor’s race feature Levine’s mother and her bowling team, King’s “bold” proposals

by | Jul 12, 2018

With less than fifty days remaining until the August 28 primary contest, candidates are taking to the airwaves more and more to get their messages out. Two Democratic candidates for governor released new television spots (see below) Thursday morning.

Former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine released the details of a $1 million ad buy featuring a television spot called “Getting it Done,” and features Levine’s own mother.

“Hey Diane, your son Philip is coming up with some pretty cool stuff,” says a woman sitting with members of her bowling team at a bowling alley.

“Wanna know the best part?” asks Levine’s mother, Diane. “He’s gonna pay for it without any new taxes!”

The spot highlights Levine’s plans to implement an Education Security Administration to protect schools, raise teachers’ salaries, and expand Medicaid coverage. He claims he can achieve those goals without raising taxes.

“As someone who embodies the very spirit of the American dream, I share with Floridians every day that it’s time we have a Governor who will fight for the values and issues that will propel everyone to have a real shot to get ahead,” Levine said in a written statement. “After twenty years of Republican control, we need a Democratic Governor who will be impatient in taking on the big issues and break the status quo of failed leadership.”

The Levine spot will air in television markets statewide.

Another Democrat for governor, Orlando-area businessman Chris King, is launching his own television spot Thursday called “Bold,” The King campaign says the spot “highlights King’s bold, progressive proposals shaking up conventional politics in Florida.”

“Conventional politics says we cower to the NRA. I proposed an assault weapons ban and a bullet tax,” King says in the spot. “Conventional politics says nothing about affordable housing or free community college and trade school. I made them cornerstones of my campaign. I will legalize and tax marijuana and end the death penalty.”

The 30-second spot will air in television markets that the King campaign has been focusing on and believes it has a chance of winning. Those markets include Jacksonville, Orlando, Panama City, Tampa-St. Petersburg and West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce television markets.

The Capitolist’s Horserace Index, which uses a weighted average of the polls taken to date, shows Gwen Graham holding a 3 point lead over Levine, 25 percent to 22 percent, in the Democratic contest. Andrew Gillum is in third place with 19 percent, with King coming in fourth with 9 percent. Jeff Greene had not yet been polled as of the most recent Horserace 


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