Philip Levine says he’s confident in his ground game heading into the final week of the primary

by | Aug 22, 2018

With the Florida Capitol providing the backdrop, Democratic candidate for governor Philip Levine rallied with a group of supporters outside an early voting location at the Leon County Courthouse in Tallahassee Wednesday morning.

“This is the last line of defense against Donald Trump and his ‘Mini-Me,’ radical Ron DeSantis,”  Levine told the small crowd.

There are six days remaining before the Aug. 28 primary election and polls have shown Levine and Gwen Graham as the top two candidates. Which candidate is ahead and by how much depends on which poll you consider, and there are plenty of polls you can look at in this final week of the primary.

A new poll conducted by Democratic pollster Tom Eldon of SEA Polling & Strategic Design and reported Wednesday by the Tampa Bay Times, shows Levine with a 1-point lead, 26 percent to 25 percent. Andrew Gillum is third with 18 percent, followed by Jeff Greene at 13 percent, and Chris King 2 percent. The percentage of undecided voters is 15 percent.

The poll’s margin of error is +/- 3.79 percent.

“I understand myself and Gwen are right at the top, the two of us together,’ Levine said. “I walked into this race with no name, just Philip Levine, so I’m honored to be in the position I’m in.”

A poll released Tuesday by Florida Atlantic University that shows Graham has opened up a 12-point lead. Graham leads Levine, 29 to 17 percent, after leading him by only four points in July.

But, Levine is confident in the organization his campaign has built across the state and believes his ground game will make the difference in the race. He says his campaign has workers knocking on the doors of voters daily.

“With  our 14 offices and our hundreds of people on the ground are going to pull us forward and lead us to victory Tuesday night,” Levine said with confidence. “We’re doing polls constantly, all of the time. We want to make sure we understand what people are feeling and how we can reach them better.”

Levine says the question to ask is “how accurate are polls?”

“I don’t know,” Levine chuckled. “We’ll know Tuesday night how accurate they are. With five people in the race I think it’s probably pretty challenging to track it.”

The only poll that counts is already well underway. A lot of Floridians have already cast their votes in this primary election. As of mid-morning Wednesday the state Division of Elections reports more than 1.25 voters have submitted early ballots either by mail or at early voting locations that have been opened by local election supervisors.


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