Polk Sheriff Grady Judd gives his support to Adam Putnam, Ashley Moody campaigns

by | Jun 12, 2018

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is a busy man these days in the world of politics. Monday, Judd was featured in a :30 campaign spot (see below) for Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam. Tuesday morning he announced his endorsement of GOP attorney general candidate Ashley Moody.

Judd, who is sheriff of Putnam’s home county, is rather active within the Republican Party.

In the ad for Putnam, Judd appears alongside the state’s agriculture commissioner in the :30 spot paid for by Putnam’s political committee, Florida Grown. The focus of the spot is illegal immigration.

“I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to keeping Florida families safe and I know Adam Putnam has our back,” Judd says in the ad. “Adam believes we have a responsibility to keep our borders, cities and neighborhoods safe and secure.”

The spot is scheduled to begin airing statewide Tuesday on broadcast and cable channels. It comes after Putnam released his “Secure Florida First Agenda,” a public safety initiative designed to address issues like illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

“He’ll make sure that illegal immigrants who commit crimes will be held accountable and deported — not released back into our communities,” Sheriff Judd continues. “Adam Putnam will stand with law enforcement and enforce the rule of law.”

A poll released Monday afternoon by the Florida Chamber of Commerce gives Putnam a 17-point lead over Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary contest. Putnam received the support of 32 percent of Republicans surveyed, while DeSantis received 15 percent. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed were undecided.

Judd became involved in the attorney general’s race Tuesday morning when he became the 40th Republican sheriff in the state to endorse Moody.

“I’ve been in law enforcement my entire life. I know the importance of an Attorney General that will help us take criminals off our streets and keep our communities safe,” said Sheriff Judd. “Ashley Moody is the tough conservative crime-fighter we need as Attorney General and that’s why I’m endorsing her campaign. I hope my fellow Floridians will join me and support her in this important election.”

Moody, a former circuit judge, is running for the Republican nomination for attorney general against a couple of GOP state house members, Frank White and Jay Fant.

“For more than forty-five years, Grady Judd has served the citizens of Polk County and sought to keep them safe,” said Moody in accepting the endorsement. “As Sheriff, he has implemented innovative approaches and programs to deal with evolving threats from human trafficking to the opioid epidemic. I am honored to add his support and his voice to my campaign.”


  1. MaryAnn Page

    You guys do realize that the governor of Florida cannot deport anyone, right? Pandering to the ignorant.

    • Billy Bob

      You do realize that the governor can direct law enforcement agencies to (or not to) hold illegal immigrants for ICE, right? Ignorant is correct.

  2. R Williams

    Think Judd made a big mistake supporting Putnam. He is worthless Judd needs to explain what he has done(nothing) instead of what he is going to do.

  3. Linden Lee

    Putnam is for open borders, illegals for cheap farm labor for his Big Ag buddies /donors, and let the rest of us pick up the social costs, for medical (like the western Martin county hospital that was paid for by the taxpayers, but had to close its doors because all the money was used by illegal farn workers that used the emergency room for basic health care), prisons, murders of loved ones (like my pastor), food stamps, natal care, ad nauseum.

    No thank you. DeSantis would govern in the interests of the average Floridian.

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