Port of Tampa Bay dealing with flooding but landside operations uninterrupted

by | Aug 30, 2023

  • The Port of Tampa Bay facing flooding issues following Hurricane Idalia’s landfall, according to a Wednesday morning update.
  • United States Coast Guard implemented Port Condition Zulu before the storm hit, securing facilities and docks, and halting marine traffic while landside operations continued.
  • Cruise lines from the port, like Carnival Cruise Lines, anticipate potential disruptions in schedules due to the storm, aiming to resume docking when deemed safe.

    The Port of Tampa Bay is facing issues with flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, according to a Wednesday update. In the meantime, port officials are coordinating with federal, state, and local agencies to mitigate any lasting damage.

    At approximately 7:38 A.M., minutes before the storm first made landfall over Florida, The United States Coast Guard implemented Port Condition Zulu, indicating the possibility of gale force winds entering the Bay throughout the day.

    In accordance with the condition, the port secured waterfront facilities and dock areas to remove debris and hazardous materials ahead of immediate weather impacts. Despite this, landside operations remained uninterrupted though marine traffic has been halted.

    While the port’s waterways are closed, the port’s landside operations remain open,” the port stated this morning. “We will work with our fuel terminal operators and partners to ensure gas and other fuels move out of our port and to consumers as long as possible. Additionally, port staff will continue to work round-the-clock so we can re-open to full operations as soon as safely possible to support the community and region we serve.”

    The storm’s passage through Florida’s Gulf Coast could prove disruptive to cruise lines embarking from the Port of Tampa Bay, with some ships currently out to sea with uncertainty as to when and where they will be able to dock.

    “We hope to be able to dock some time Thursday, although there is a possibility it may be Friday morning,” said Carnival Cruise Lines regarding its Paradise cruise ship currently out to sea. “The ship remains in a safe position away from any impact of the storm.”


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