Pro-life group to display anti-abortion exhibit at FSU

by | Mar 4, 2020

More than fifty student activists organized by an anti-abortion group will be displaying large, graphic abortion photos and prenatal images at University of Florida State on March 6.

The group, Created Equal, is a national anti-abortion organization that focuses on training students to be pre-born defenders by using a traveling photo exhibit to show as many students as possible what abortion does to preborn children. Placing abortion in the broader context of human equality, the project attempts to create debate on campus to influence America’s future decision-makers and leaders.

Who: Created Equal

What:  Anti-abortion display making the case that abortion is age discrimination.

Where: Florida State University’s Campus, Landis Green

When: From 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, March 6th, 2020

The organization was founded in 2011 by pro-life activist Mark Harrington.

“A preborn child is no less human than a born child. Thus, to treat the preborn in a way we’d never treat a born person is a grievous violation of human equality. College students deserve to see the victims of this injustice and to know the science and reasoning behind defending the preborn,” said Harrington, National Director of Created Equal. “This is critical, as this age group is committing more abortions than any other age.”

The group has garnered national attention with their display, which features images of aborted fetuses. The pictures have raised controversy among groups finding them too graphic. Many colleges and administrations have even attempted to censor or take down the group’s signs and photographs.

Created Equal, however, argues that their use of graphic imagery helps raise public awareness about the dangers of abortion.

Friday’s stop is just the first of many throughout Florida on Created Equal’s Justice Ride — a week-long event drawing inspiration from the Civil Rights era’s Freedom Rides. From March 4-5, the group will display their exhibit at the University of South Florida.


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