Protecting businesses to safeguard veterans

by | Aug 28, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic far from over, veterans of the United States and armed forces continue to suffer through the reality of higher costs for groceries, medicines, and other necessities that have gone up due to a combination of public health restrictions and excessive lawsuits.

We served our country abroad, defending the freedoms we hold so dear, but COVID-19 has brought on another, unexpected war back home. Businesses are allowed to reopen under approved public safety guidelines, but some remain closed for fear of being sued. Others face lawsuits that could put them out of business, and even more, were forced to shut their doors for good. Not only does this put thousands out of work and slow our economic recovery, but supply shortages have led to higher prices, and veterans feel this pain more than most. It is my hope that our lawmakers honor our sacrifice and help protect businesses so that prices go down and jobs are restored.

Lt. Commander Jarry Moore, US Navy (Ret.) 
Chaplain and Pastor
Jacksonville, FL


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