Putnam goes positive, upbeat in latest campaign ad

by | Aug 13, 2018

With the primary just two weeks away, the Adam Putnam campaign is launching a statewide ad buy in an effort to turn the momentum that his opponent — Ron DeSantis — has held since President Donald Trump endorsed DeSantis for governor back in June.

The name of the spot is “Florida is God’s Country,” (see below) and plays on the Florida Grown and Florida First themes of his campaign.

Unlike recent negative attack ads aired by Putnam, this one is positive and upbeat. It focuses on Florida’s strengths and assets.

“In Florida, anything is possible. We launched a man to the moon, our beaches bring the world to our doorstep and our farms feed the nation,” Putnam says in the upbeat 30-second campaign ad that starts with shots of Florida skylines and transitions to an Apollo rocket launching from the Kennedy Space Center. “The sunshine is bright in Florida because this is God’s country.”

“I’m Adam Putnam. Together we’ll make Florida the launchpad for the American Dream.”

The video moves quickly from shots of rural areas with cattle to shots of South Beach and other Florida beaches, and shows Putnam meeting with constituents.

“Cutting taxes and keeping government out of our way, ensuring our kids are career-ready and attracting new industries. For me, it will always be Florida First,” Putnam says.

Putnam is coming off a strong debate in last week’s final Republican gubernatorial debate. The question coming out of that debate is whether it was enough to stem the momentum for DeSantis, and is there enough time to retake the top spot in the race.

Real Clear Politics, which averages poll results, still shows DeSantis holding an 11-point in the race and financial reports show contributions have all but dried-up for Putnam.


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