Recount: Scott attorneys demand answers from Broward County, FDLE launches investigation

by | Nov 8, 2018

Attorneys for Florida Governor Rick Scott have filed a lawsuit demanding public records from Broward County that will help them answer three crucial questions about the outcome of the U.S. Senate race between Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson: how many voters cast ballots, how many ballots have been counted, and how many ballots remain to be counted.

Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes told reporters earlier today that she could not answer those questions, even as her office has posted new ballot counts that have allowed incumbent Senator Bill Nelson to close the gap between he and Rick Scott by more than 46,000 votes in the two days after election day.

Scott addressed reporters at the Governor’s mansion at 8:20pm about the lawsuit. During his remarks, he outlined his concerns, which centered on the absurd number of ballots that have been “discovered” in Broward and Palm Beach County over the past two days. He also accused Snipes of forcing election watchers to stand behind a glass wall far from the counting process and without any way to hear any discussion among the vote counters.

The lawsuit filed on Scott’s behalf in the 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County, names Snipes as the defendant. The lawsuit states:

Voting in the 2018 General Election concluded November 6th, 2018. Two days after voting has concluded, the Supervisor of Elections is unwilling to disclose records revealing how many electors voted, how many ballots have been canvassed, and how many ballots remain to be canvassed. The lack of transparency raises substantial concerns about the validity of the election process.

In addition to the lawsuit, Scott has ordered the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to launch an immediate investigation into what he calls “shenanigans” in Broward County.

As of the time of this post, Scott still leads Nelson by a slim margin of just over 15,000 votes (the official number continues to dwindle with every new batch of ballots found in Democrat counties).


  1. Cary

    I’ve never like Rick Scott. He’s done shady things for a long time to benefit himself and his wife. He took razors away from us for his own personal gain. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s fixed the voting somehow. I hope they catch him and he gets what’s coming to him.

    • Bobby

      You got it backwards, it The DEMOCRATES doing the evil as always.

      • Roberta

        Yes! This stink of Demonrats!

    • Anonymous

      It is duly noted that you are a dimwitted Democrat.

    • Karen mollohan

      Nelson is a pos fool

    • Anonymous

      You mean Nelson, don’t you.

    • Karen Beveridge

      Come on Cary…this election board has already been found to commit election fraud. Quit acting all self righteous. This supervisor was supposed to have all votes within that orecinct counted and finalized by close of polls on Tuesday. She should be in jail for her past fraud. However, I will say that the Republican poll watchers were very neglect when those in charge of counting the ballots went behind closed doors. When this happened, it was the responsibility of the Republican poll watchers to call LEGAL, because she would be immediately liable to be arrested! I was a judge of elections for 20 yrs in PA…and a poll watcher in 2016. I personally saw a Democrat election board attempting fraud! I pushed the issue by calling legal because they refused to tell me which party voters filled out for absentees. After I called legal, and the head of the County Elections board, she was ordered to give me the numbers and the info. SHOCKER….all 14 absentees wer Republicans. With the Lawyer for HiLIARy being the one who did the crooked Dossier, I wouldn’t exactly be proud of what’s going on in Florida. Because it’s absolutely election fraud by this dingbat woman and SHE should go to jail!!!! I know for a fact that the Dems have by far created more election fraud NATIONWIDE….and worst of all, absentee ballots from the military!

  2. Marvin

    You are an idiot!

  3. Jazbere

    Leave it to the POS Party Of Satan aka the Demonic Rats to try and steal fairly won Elections.Just like they did years ago with Al Franken in Minnesota when he stole that Senate seat.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what the Dems did with Franken, which is why it was so sweet when he got his and had to resign in disgrace from a seat he never won fair and square.

  4. Carol Powell

    There’s a snake in the woods! Where did all these extra votes come from??? I don’t believe this at all!

  5. Anonymous

    And all these extra votes just happen to be Democra.. RIIIIIIIGHT

  6. Anonymous

    How do they keep finding ballots when everything is done electronically?

  7. JimC

    Broward county is in the spot light again. Remember Al Gore and hanging chads years ago. What a circus? The Dems used the same tactic later in Washington state to get “all the votes counted” so that after the 3rd recount were allowed to unseat Governor-elect Dino Rossi then later did the same to Al Franken’s opponent, Norm Coleman in Minnesota. They were able to dig up extra ballots from felons and other ineligible voters who were counted anyway. Ballots in Washington state were found in strange locations such as unopened ballot boxes, all with the same address and all with identical votes. Dem operatives also were allowed by the court in Seattle to open voter rolls and solicit by phone “clarification” of their intended vote. Not surprisingly, all these votes happened to be in the favor of the Democrat candidate, Christine Gregoire. The Dems are reported to have a hit squad of lawyers ready to deploy for any close election. They have been remarkably effective. The Republicans need to wise up.

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