Report: Florida boasts rich talent pool for major tech companies

by | Mar 16, 2022

Florida’s talent pool is a gold mine for major tech companies in search of employees, according to a new survey from TonerGiant.

The report released on Wednesday found that Florida ranked No. 9 nationally as a talent pool for 26 of the biggest tech companies in the nation. In total, the Sunshine State’s universities contributes more than 13,000 graduates who work or have worked for tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

The data noted that Amazon hired more Florida graduates than any other tech company, with close to 3,000 Florida graduates working for the online retail giant. Additionally, Silicon Valley giants like Apple and Google employ 1,556 and 1,439 Florida graduates respectively.

The survey also ranked which Florida universities produced the most graduates in the tech sector, with the University of Florida taking the top spot with nearly 6.000 of its alumni being hired by big tech companies. Other notable universities producing high-skilled tech employees included the University of Central Florida, Florida State University, and South Florida.

South Florida, in particular, has quickly emerged as a tech beacon in the state. The Tampa-based university, which reported 1,795 graduates work or have worked for the 26 tech companies, announced in 2021 that USF inventors were among the most prolific producers of U.S. patents at universities worldwide, securing nearly 130 patents. The achievement was the ninth year USF made the list.

Additionally, California took the top spot in the report, touting more than 68,000 graduates working for large tech firms. New York followed closely with 39,000 of its graduates landing with tech companies.


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