Republican Governors ad portrays Gillum as being so radical that he’s from another planet

by | Sep 12, 2018

The Republican Governors Association has launched its first ad in Florida’s governor’s contest on Wednesday. It paints Democrat Andrew Gillum and his political stance on the issues as being so radical that he’s on another planet The spot is called, “Too Far.”

Specifically, the RGA takes aim at Gillum’s views on Medicare for all, his calls for a billion dollar corporate tax hike, and the abolishment of ICE.

“How far out is Andrew Gillum?” The announcer asks in the ad. “He’s on another planet. Come in Planet Andrew. Over.”

The :30 second spot shows a slightly distorted image of Gillum in a green sphere in orbit around the Earth.

“Andrew Gillum wants a government takeover of health care. You’d lose the coverage you have, and you could even lose your doctor,” the announcer says. “Planet Andrew, we’re losing radio contact.”

“Gillum wants to increase Florida taxes by a billion dollars,” the announcer goes on to say. “Disaster for the economy. And he supports closing our immigration enforcement agency. Dangerous.”

The spot ends with the announcer saying, “You’d better learn more about Andrew Gillum. He’s just goes too far.

“Andrew Gillum’s radical far-left policies are too extreme for Florida’s working families,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “Gillum supports a complete government takeover of healthcare, a billion dollar tax hike, and wants to close down our immigration enforcement agency. Andrew Gillum is too radical for Florida.”

The Gillum campaign responded to the RGA ad calling it false and negative.

“This is a pitiful attempt by Ron DeSantis’s D.C. allies to distract from his failing campaign as he faces questions about attending fringe, extremist conferences,” said Geoff Burgan, Gillum’s communications director. “As Governor, Andrew Gillum wants to create a Florida where we work to grow the economy for the middle class, expand access to affordable healthcare, and welcome our diverse communities.”

The RGA spot starts airing Wednesday. The association did not release the amount of the media buy.



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