Republican Governors Association says Andrew Gillum “too tainted to be governor”

by | Oct 18, 2018

A new political ad (see below) being aired by the Republican Governors Association raises questions about the FBI’s investigation into public corruption at Tallahassee City Hall and whether Mayor Andrew Gillum is a focus of the investigation.

Gillum, the Democratic nominee for governor, has said he has been told by FBI that he’s not a target of the probe. But, the ad by the RGA attempts to raise doubt about Gillum’s insistence that he’s not involved in any wrongdoing.

“Tallahassee’s paper says “20 FBI agents” have spent “two years investigating” the city in Mayor Andrew Gillum’s tenure,” the announcer says. “Sweetheart deals with developers scrutinized.

“A lobbyist close to Gillum named in subpoenas, vacationed with Gillum in Costa Rica,” the announcer goes on to say.”He hooked Gillum up with an FBI agent posing as a developer.

For cocktails. For a tour in New York. Gillum says they’re just “hanging out.” Would the FBI be investigating City Hall if they’re just hanging out?”

The spot ends with the announcer asking, “Is Andrew Gillum caught up in corruption? You decide.”

“Andrew Gillum is too tainted to be governor,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “From sweetheart deals with developers under scrutiny, to a lobbyist close to Gillum being named in subpoenas, to his vacation with an undercover FBI agent, Andrew Gillum appears caught up with every aspect of the FBI corruption probe. Floridians can’t afford to have a compromised politician like Andrew Gillum in the governor’s office.”

A spokeswoman for the Gillum campaign responded to what  the campaign calls a “lying attack ad” from Ron DeSantis and groups supporting him.

“Ron DeSantis and his allies are lying and have consistently stooped to the lowest levels to attack the character of Mayor Gillum – a leader who spent the last 11 days helping his city recover from a devastating storm, continuing to always put Florida first. Floridians deserve better than these desperate, dirty tactics Ron DeSantis is deploying to distract from the fact he has no vision for Florida – it’s shameful,” said Gillum Communications Director Johanna Cervone.  


  1. Karen mollohan

    Gillum is a crook vote Ron desantis

  2. Mary Peterson

    DeSantis is our exmilitary man.
    Most Trusted to be our GOVERNOR.

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