Republican Senator introduces legislation to regulate AI use across state agencies

by | Dec 15, 2023

  • Sen. Joe Gruters introduced legislation on Friday to regulate and standardize artificial intelligence (AI) use across Florida’s state government agencies.
  • The measure includes provisions to establish an Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council within the Department of Management Services comprised of two Senate members, two House members, and Governor-appointed experts.
  • The council would be tasked with evaluating legal reforms, establishing an AI ethics code, studying AI’s impact on residents’ rights, and assessing AI benefits and risks, as well as recommending policies for AI development in Florida

Sen. Joe Gruters introduced legislation on Friday that seeks to regulate and standardize the use of artificial intelligence (AI) across state government agencies.

The bill, scheduled for implementation on July 1, 2024, if adopted, lays the groundwork for a uniform approach to AI deployment and governance within the state. A primary provision involves the formation of an Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council, to be housed within the Department of Management Services.

The council would be tasked with several key functions: evaluate the need for legal reforms and establish an ethics code for AI use in state government; study the impact of AI on the rights of Florida residents; assess potential benefits and risks of AI for the state, its people, and businesses; and recommend policies to promote AI development in Florida.

Gruter’s measure stipulates that the council would consist of two Senate members, two House members, and a series of Governor-appointed experts in ethics, AI systems, law enforcement AI use, policy, and legal rights.

Members would be appointed for four-year terms, with initial terms staggered for balance. The council, co-chaired by legislative appointees, can have members replaced by their appointing authority.

Under the legislation, state agencies will be required to submit inventory reports on all AI systems they are currently using or planning to acquire, outlining the functionalities, purposes, and impact assessments of the AI systems.

The bill also emphasizes the preemption of local government in matters of AI regulation to prevent a patchwork of local ordinances and streamline a cohesive, statewide policy on AI.

A separate AI-focused bill was filed earlier this week by Sen. Nick DiCeglie, which mandates that any political advertisements, including electioneering communications that utilize generative AI to create content, must prominently include a disclaimer stating it was created with AI.

DiCeglie’s bill would also authorize the filing of complaints regarding violations with the Florida Elections Commission and would require expedited hearing procedures for such complaints.


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