Rick Scott hopes to score with new World Cup ad, receives more support from law enforcement

by | Jun 14, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott’s begins airing yet another television and digital ad, while receiving another endorsement by a law enforcement group.

On the surface, the new campaign has more to do with soccer than politics. The ad (see below), which will run in the Tampa, Orlando and Miami markets, aims to capitalize on the excitement of this year’s World Cup. The Spanish-speaking ad is called “Venimos” and features Scott wishing the best of luck to the winning team.

“The world is excited,” says the announcer. “For a few days, time stands still.  Each of us with our team, our jersey and our flag. In Florida, we celebrate because we come from different parts. And this great state is now our home.  Here we are united in our love for this great sport.”

“I’m Rick Scott. It’s time to enjoy. May the best win!”

The ad comes a day after the United States, Mexico and Canada were selected to host the 2026 Cup. Miami and Orlando are listed as two of the top proposed host cities.

While the Scott campaign is jumping on the World Cup bandwagon, Florida’s police chiefs are jumping on the Scott bandwagon.

“Today’s endorsement is a historic milestone for the Florida Police Chiefs Association as the first endorsement of a candidate for U.S. Senate,” said Amy Mercer, executive director of the association. “Governor Scott has been a champion for public safety and a great friend to the law enforcement community, and we look forward to continuing to work with him to protect our families and communities once he is a member of the U.S. Senate.”

The Florida Police Chiefs Association announced their endorsement of Scott for U.S. Senate at a news conference in Hialeah. Their endorsement follows they announcement by 55 of the state’s sheriffs that they were endorsing Scott.

“It has been an honor to partner with Florida law enforcement during my time as governor to keep our families, visitors and communities safe, and I am proud to accept the unprecedented endorsement of the Florida Police Chiefs Association today,” Scott said in accepting the police chiefs’ endorsement.

Scott’s opponent, Bill Nelson, picked up his own endorsement from a group that represents first responders. The Florida Professional Firefighters Association announced their support of Nelson Thursday. The association represents 25,000 firefighters and emergency medical personnel.


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