Rick Scott takes “trip down memory lane” following Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial announcement

by | May 4, 2021

Senator Rick Scott isn’t letting Congressman Charlie Crist bask in the spotlight after announcing that he was running for Florida governor in 2022.

In a tweet shortly after Crist became the first Democrat to challenge Governor Ron DeSantis, Scott placed the crosshairs on Crist’s short stint as the Sunshine State’s governor, blaming the Florida Republican governor turned Democratic congressman for economic problems under his watch and for opting to run for another office when times got tough.

“Let’s take a trip down memory lane today to see what ACTUALLY happened when Charlie Crist was Governor of Florida. Hint: it wasn’t great,” Scott tweeted, along with a link to a political ad.”

The video, a 30-second spot titled “Run Away,” sheds light on Crist’s record when he served as the state’s Republican governor from 2006 to 2010. The video criticizes Crist for leaving the governor’s mansion to run for the U.S. Senate during the fallout of the financial crisis and labels Crist a “flip-flop” for exiting the GOP for the Democatic Party.

The ad was released by the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) in 2014 during Scott’s gubernatorial reelection campaign.

“The numbers tell the story: Florida’s unemployment tripled, 800,000 jobs gone, property values down, bankruptcies up, more foreclosures than any state, government went deep in debt, state borrowing at an all-time high. Which governor took Florida to the bottom? Charlie Crist,” the ad states.

“What’s worse, he didn’t stay to fix the mess. He ran away — tried to go to Washington instead. Charlie Crist: slick politician, lousy governor.”

One of the toughest and most expensive gubernatorial elections, Scott would go on to win reelection 2014, picking up 64,145 more votes than Crist. Following his defeat, Crist would springboard to Congress, where he was elected in 2016 to serve Florida’s 13 Congressional District.

Crist will now look to play spoiler agan in 2022. Crist’s path to reclaim Florida’ throne, however, may prove difficult. Other than DeSantis being heavily favored, Crist will most likely have to clear hurdles in the Democratic primary. Both Congresswoman Val Demings and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried are expected to run.

Prediction markets have Demings and Fried above Crist.


  1. Jack foster

    This comes from a man who is a criminal and should be in jail. Another Trump-Hitler piece of garbage!

  2. Charlotte Greenbarg

    Jack Foster needs a lesson in how not to use frothing at the mouth hyperbole that’s not true to try to attack someone. Jack Foster is lucky that attacking someone who is a public figure can’t result in a libel suit. Jack Foster is real?

  3. Agatha Tate

    To be fair, Scott conveniently leaves out the fact that Crist’s stint as governor took place in the aftermath of the 2008 crash and the economic devastation in those years was not a result of any action Crist did or didn’t take. But Rick Scott has never let the truth or facts interfere with BS he wants to spew. That being said, Crist is an opportunist empty suit with a fabulous tan. A career politician who does nothing, stands for nothing and has the attention span of a flea. As governor he spent at least a year preening an auditioning to be John McCain’s VP pick and his only big accomplishment was pardoning Jim Morrison posthumously for waving his weenie onstage in Miami half a century ago. He needs to sit the heck down and so does Rick Scott, both useless, both failures and hacks Florida needs to dump and forget.

  4. Anonymous

    Libel suit. Was he guilty of defrauding medicare for over $1 billion?

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