Rick Scott wants to make it tougher for Congress to raise taxes

by | May 2, 2018

He first proposed it last year as governor, now Rick Scott wants to take his idea to require a supermajority vote in order to raise taxes or fees to Washington if he’s elected to the U.S. Senate.

It’s the second proposal unveiled by Scott as part of his “Make Washington Work” plan. It would require a two-thirds vote in each chamber of Congress to approve any tax or fee increase before it can become law.

“Career politicians often see raising taxes and fees as the only way to fund government waste, regardless of the impact it could have on families or job creators,” said Scott. “In Florida, we know that keeping more money in the hands of our hardworking taxpayers and job creators is the best way to ensure long-term economic growth. It is time to bring that way of thinking to Washington and that is what I am going to do as a U.S. Senator.”

Scott worked with the Legislature earlier this year to put a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot that would require a supermajority vote in order to raise taxes or fees in Florida. It’s called Amendment 5.

“I know that many people will say this cannot be done, or that this has been proposed and failed before,” Scott added. “That way of old thinking by career politicians is what has allowed Washington to become so dysfunctional. Today, Florida is proof that we can get things done when others say we can’t.”

Scott’s campaign paints Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson as a proponent of higher taxes, claiming Nelson has voted more than 300 times for higher taxes in his 46-year political career.

Scott earlier proposed term limits for members of Congress as part of his “Make Washington Work” plan. His campaign says it will announce other parts of the plan as the campaign progresses.


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