Rolling the Dice with the Florida Supreme Court

by | Jun 6, 2017

Will the Florida Supreme Court reconsider a former ruling that could change the lives of people living in a small, rural Panhandle County?

That’s the question attorneys for Gretna Creek Entertainment are asking the state’s highest court. Again.

The attorney’s filed for a motion asking the Supreme Court to re-hear a case the court decided last May. In that ruling, the court said that Gadsden County’s Gretna Creek Entertainment is not allowed to have slot machines. Six other counties and pari-mutuel facilities were also told no by the Florida Supreme Court.

Currently, the Gadsden location offers racing, poker and casino games.

A community leader in Gadsden says “These slot machines would mean more revenue for Gadsden County and more jobs. It’s disappointing but we are still in this fight for our citizens. We aren’t asking for a law change. Slot machines are already in Florida. Gadsden is hours away from major casinos and we are of no threat. Our citizens voted for this. It is disappointing we are facing such road blocks.”

Citizens of Gadsden County, along with voters in Brevard, Duval, Hamiliton, Lee, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Washington counties voted “yes” to allow slot machines in their respective counties. In the ruling, the Supreme Court justices said that decision is for lawmakers, not citizens.


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