Rutledge Ecenia Expands Government Affairs Team

by | Jan 18, 2017

The Rutledge Ecenia government affairs team is growing. The firm, which specializes in healthcare, regulated industries and environmental policy, announced the addition of Corinne Mixon and Jessica Janasiewicz to the the team. The two new lobbyists have agreed to integrate their firm, Mixon and Associates, as well as their allied contractors, Juhan and Pat Mixon and Jim Hamilton, with the Rutledge Ecenia government affairs team, comprised of Gary Rutledge, Jon Costello and Diana Ferguson.

The move brings together the expertise of Mixon and Associates, with a client base in business, education, technology and health care.

“I couldn’t be happier about the fusion of Mixon & Associates’ lobbyists and clients into our firm,” said Gary Rutledge. “In addition to them being well respected and knowledgeable professionals, the clients they bring to the firm complement our practice areas and give us a significant presence in the education space. I am confident that their addition to the firm will further our ability to advance in all practice areas.”

““We are extremely excited to join the team at Rutledge Ecenia and look forward to working with such a respected and talented group of people,” said Corinne Mixon. “With our combined expertise, I am confident that we will be able to optimize our reach and continue to grow our practice.””

The Mixon & Associates team will officially join Rutledge Ecenia effective today.

Jessica Nanasiewica

Jessica Janasiewicz


Corrine Mixon


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