Ryan Chamberlin calls on HD 24 opponents to sign a clean campaign pledge

by | Jan 19, 2023

  • Ryan Chamberlin issued a clean campaign pledge in the race for House District 24 and is calling on his opponents to do the same
  • The Ocala businessman and a past candidate for Congress launched his campaign for HD 24 in December
  • Five Republicans are campaigning for the seat

Republican Ryan Chamberlin is calling on his opponents in the upcoming special election for House District 24 to sign a clean campaign pledge.

Chamberlin, a consultant, writer, and public speaker, issued the pledge in a news release on Thursday, saying the promise will “hold all candidates to a high standard of conduct for the primary election.”

“A primary election is a great opportunity for the voters to choose their representative, and District 24 is looking for a proven conservative who will stand with Governor DeSantis and be strong on the issues,” said Chamberlin. “For too long, the establishment and their chosen candidates have sold us a bill of goods on the campaign trail and have resorted to personal attacks to tear down true conservatives. I am fully expecting that the special interests and insiders in Tallahassee will get involved in this special election, and it is important that we let our records and commitment to issues be the focus for voters.”

Chamberlin, a former Republican congressional candidate, officially announced his candidacy in December to replace former Rep. Joe Harding. Harding resigned from the Florida Legislature last month, 24 hours after he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to a six-count indictment against him. He captured media attention earlier this year after he sponsored the controversial Parental Rights in Education legislation that limits education curriculum and dialogue.

Chamberlin is one of five Republicans running for HD 24. Others vying for the open seat include Justin Albright, Jose Juarez, Stephen Pyles and Charlie Stone.

“I have issued a clean campaign pledge. I have signed it and have sent a copy to each candidate to ask them to sign as well and return to our campaign. Afterward, we will distribute to anyone who asks. Those who don’t sign will indicate as to where they stand on this important commitment to the voters,” Chamberlin continued.

The primary special election will take place on March 7.


  1. dmmorrison

    Good luck with that. These are Republicans.

  2. Bill Whitingham

    Chamberlin has run pyramid schemes for years and has so much baggage in his closet, of course he would propose this! Hilarious, he is such a scam artist!

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