Ryan Chamberlin enters HD 24 fray following Joe Harding’s exit

by | Dec 12, 2022

  • Ryan Chamberlin, an Ocala businessman and a past candidate for Congress, launched his campaign for House District 24 today
  • Chamberlain is the second candidate to enter the TBD race to replace former Rep. Joe Harding
  • Ocala business owner Jose Juarez also entered the race on Monday

Ocala businessman Ryan Chamberlin launched his campaign for the pending special election in House District 24 to replace former Rep. Joe Harding.

“Over the past several months, my wife and I had been approached by many people in Marion County about running for the seat being vacated by State Representative Stan McClain due to term limits,” said Chamberlin. “Although Stan was our Rep for years, due to recent redistricting, we would need to consider moving at least 1 mile or more from where we currently live because we know how important it is to keep true conservatives in the Legislature who will stand with Gov. Ron DeSantis against the establishment and woke liberals.”

Chamberlin, a former Republican congressional candidate, officially announced his candidacy in a press release on Monday, promising to pick up the mantle Harding carried in the fight to provide parents with more transparency  inside the classroom.

“Our hearts were broken over the announcement made last week by Rep. Joe Harding that he was stepping down from his legislative seat. Joe has been a fighter who has been willing to put it all on the line for the conservative movement,” Chamberlain added. “There is no doubt that his commitment to principle and his being the co-sponsor of the “Parental Rights in Education” legislation made him a target for the left and the Biden Department of Justice. We need someone to step right up where he left off to continue to fight for the people and families of the free state of Florida.”

Harding resigned from the Florida Legislature last Thursday, 24 hours after he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to a six-count indictment against him. He captured media attention earlier this year after he sponsored the controversial Parental Rights in Education legislation that limits education curriculum and dialogue.

Chamberlin is a consultant, writer, and public speaker. He was one of 10 Republicans running looking to succeed U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District in 2020.

His entry into the HD 24 race marks the second GOP candidate to announce their campaign for the open seat. Jose Juarez, an Ocala business owner, also launched his bid today.

Chamberlin officially filed paperwork with the state as a candidate on Friday, and says he’ll run on a conservative platform that includes promoting pro-life legislation, upholding the Second Amendment, and securing the border.

“I have lived in what is now District 24 for over 35 years, and it seems that God was perhaps already leading me and my family to consider this next step of service. I filed my paperwork, and I will be working hard to earn the support of conservatives in Marion County. We will run an aggressive grassroots campaign and will be outlining a comprehensive vision over the course of the campaign that includes my commitment to the following

HD 24 encompasses all of Levy County and a portion of Marion County.


  1. Eric Lentz

    My son in law detests me. I suspect because I am Jewish. I have filed a divorce complaint against his mother.
    His son was married in September, although my wife (the groom’s grandmother) was in the wedding party I was not invited.
    The following day I had a severe fall causing bleeding to my brain.
    I was hospitalized for over two months, I also had a bacterial infection requiring a PIC line

    My wife’s response, my children do not like you (Ryan), we are separating. My physician indicated I could have easily died from the trauma or infection,

    Ryan and my wife (divorce pending) did not visit. They effectively wished I died

    I ask Roxene what if anything I did prior to wedding to be treated in this manner, She said I did nothing.

    We lived less than a quarter mile apart. Never visited.

    In my opinion Ryan Chamberlain Is antisemitic. The family is bizarre. His younger brother a gentleman who was always courteous to me, rebelled from the family’s strange behavior, converted to Judaism and is raising his sons as Jewish. He further moved and resides in Israel.

    To illustrate the family’s bizarre ethics Ryan’s wife has not spoken to his mother socially for several years. Apparently she is further crazed then Ryan.

    Ryan to those who attends public schools presents a clear and present danger. His sons were initially home schooled, then a parochial high school.

    I have never heard Ryan speak in favor of public education. If elected he would likely oppose public school funding.

    Failure to support public schooling is a grievous error. In primary and in the unlikely event Ryan wins the primary, the public education system has a foe In financial support

  2. Eric Lentz

    The only trio to be found anywhere is the number 3 on the tow motor.


    I would like to know what Mr. Chamberlin’s beliefs are and how he intends to stand up and fight to protect and defend the people and families against the Socialism and Communism Biden has already injected in our society: Abortion, Sinful and Sick Sexual teachings in our schools, the First and Second Amendments of our Constitution, Shutting out God, Giving our Social Security to Russia and Ukraine, keeping illegal immigrants from entering our beloved Marion County ( THE HORSE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD). Now being overrun with housing construction, taking away our beautiful farmland. Finally, the ridiculous fear tactic with COVIT-19. Oh yes, raising prices so high which will eventually put small business’ out of business and the folks on fixed incomes in serious jeopardy. Works right into Obama’s “End of Life.” (Get rid of the elderly). Which by the way, the elderly are the backbone of world.
    Got the picture Mr. Chamberlin?

  4. Donna J Reed

    now the special election is over and you apparently won, how about removing your POLITICAL SIGNS all over OCALA. they are are an eyesore

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