Ryan Chamberlin to likely fill open House seat in Florida following GOP primary win

by | Mar 8, 2023

  • Ryan Chamberlin, a conservative author and consultant, won the Republican nomination for the open seat representing House District 24 in a special election called by Governor Ron DeSantis, defeating four other Republican candidates in the Primary.
  • With no Democrats qualified for the seat, the winner of the GOP nomination still must face a write-in candidate, however the write-in candidate said he may drop out.
  • HD 24 was vacated after State Rep. Joe Harding was indicted last year and resigned from his seat. 

Republican Ryan Chamberlin, a conservative author, speaker, and consultant, won the GOP nomination for the open seat representing House District 24 in a special election called by Governor Ron DeSantis. Chamberlin campaigned on a message of conservative values, emphasizing religious freedom, economic prosperity, and the America First agenda. With almost 36 percent of the vote, Chamberlin defeated four other Republican candidates in the primary by 10 percentage points, including local businessman Jose Juarez, former Rep. Charlie Stone, physician Stephen Pyles, and Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner Justin Albright.

Chamberlin runs the True Patriot Network, a conservative social media and news platform supporting strong American values. Chamberlin will likely be the successor to former State Rep. Joe Harding, who won election unopposed to a second House term in 2022 but resigned following federal charges of wire fraud and other crimes. Harding has pled not guilty to the charges.

Chamberlin’s win in the closed GOP Primary means that no Democrats qualified for the seat, although a write-in candidate, Robert “Foxy” Fox did qualify, he is expected to drop out before the general election.

“I’m extremely honored to be the Republican nominee for District 24 and am looking forward to the next step in this election cycle,” Chamberlin said in a press release. “I congratulate my fellow opponents in a hard-fought race, in which we debated the issues and submitted ourselves to the voters for the final decision. It’s now time to come together for the good of our community and our movement. I’m always eager to work with those who embrace a conservative agenda for our county, state, and nation.”

Chamberlin has worked with Success Magazine, speaks regularly at national conferences, and recently co-authored his fifth book titled Think Big, which became an international bestseller in May 2022. His third book, titled The Rich You Formula, was co-authored with the late relationship expert Gary Smalley and endorsed by Mike Huckabee. Elected as a redshirt freshman, he will have the opportunity to serve in as many as 10 Regular Sessions before term limits kick in.


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