Ryan Chamberlin touts his conservative values in first television ad

by | Jul 13, 2020

Republican congressional candidate Ryan Chamberlin unveiled his first television ad on Monday, promoting his conservative values and vowing to put a stop to radical liberals who have usurped the Democratic Party.

The 30-second spot, titled “Fire,” features the small business owner touting his principles while promising to pushback against “anti-American” socialists who stand against President Donald Trump.

“Aren’t you tired of the arrogant self-righteousness? The media calls us idiots for supporting President Trump. Racists for saying all lives matter. Bigots for securing the border. And they think every one of us is carrying a gun. Can’t imagine why,” Chamberlin says, showing his support for the 2nd Amendment.

“I’m Ryan Chamberlin, and I approve this message because I’m tired of Congress being run by America-hating socialists. Let’s fire Nancy Pelosi. And keep America great. One nation under God,” he concludes.

The Marion Republican says this year’s elections are crucial for both the state of Florida and for President Trump.

“President Trump is in the fight of his life for re-election, and we need conservatives across Florida and America to get out to vote,” Chamberlin said following the release of his ad. “But his re-election means nothing if we do not have conservatives in charge of Congress. We must once again control all three branches of government if we are to pass important reforms and put America on a path to permanent prosperity.”

Chamberlin, a consultant, writer, and public speaker, is one of 10 Republicans vying to replace Congressman Ted Yoho who is honoring a promise he made to not serve more than eight years.

Also seeking the GOP nomination are businessman Judson Sapp, Clay County Commissioner Gavin Rollins, Gainesville City Commissioner Todd Chase, former congressional aide Joe Millado, physician James St. George, businesswoman Kat Cammack, businessman Bill Engelbrecht, businessman David Theus, and businesswoman Amy Pope Wells.

FL-03 includes Alachua, Bradford, Marion, Union, Putnam, and Clay counties and is largely made up of Republican voters. Yoho won the red district in 2016 earning 57.6% of the vote.


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