Safety Council seeks to make Florida the safest, healthiest and most sustainable state in America

by | May 12, 2021

In terms of safety, health and sustainability, Florida’s businesses are currently ranked as average, compared to those in other states across the country, but the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s new Safety Council aspires to make the state number one within ten years.

“The Florida Chamber set a goal through its Florida 2030 Blueprint to be in the top five states for overall well-being by 2030,” said Florida Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mark Wilson. “As the official goal leader, the Florida Chamber Safety Council is taking every step to create a culture of safety in Florida and to unite Florida’s business community around a movement to make Florida the safest, healthiest and most sustainable state in America.”

During today’s Southeastern Leadership Conference on Safety, Health and Sustainability in Orlando, data analytics expert, Ted Abernathy, Managing Partner, Economic Leadership LLC, unveiled a new report that will serve as a benchmark for Florida as it strives to reach that goal.

The results of the 100-page study identified areas of risks facing the state in terms of safety, health, and sustainability, with the heaviest concentration in the category of “Workplace Safety.”

In terms of workforce fatalities, Florida ranked right at the national average. When the data was broken down by age group, it showed workers over 65 have a higher rate of fatalities, mostly due to transportation incidents and falls.

Ninety-three percent of all workforce fatalities across all industries were men. Women, however, were more likely to be victims of violence perpetrated against them.

Compared to other states, Florida has many more people working in the construction industry than in manufacturing. The construction industry has more fatalities per 100,000 workers than any other industry in Florida. Those in Landscaping Services had the highest death rate, followed by those in Roofing.

The events most likely to cause fatalities were transportation, followed by slips and falls and then workplace violence.

Florida has seen a reduction in Workers’ Compensation claims every year for several years and currently ranks 24th nationally. The major driver of those claims were strains and sprains, followed by slips and falls.

In the category of “Health,” Florida is currently ranked 15th overall nationally. Its workers rank 25th for diabetes, 34th for heart disease and 17th for mental health. Opioid prescription rates have reduced significantly over the last few years.

In terms of “Sustainability,” Florida’s water consumption per capita was the 18th best in the country. Florida ranked in the top 15 for energy intensity, the top 25 for air quality, second for best place for those with asthma, but 44th in renewable energy.  Florida also ranked in the middle of the pack for spending on parks and greenways.


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