Scott ad targets Puerto Rican voters with message that he won’t be afraid to stand up to the president

by | Oct 22, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott’s latest campaign ad attempts to appeal to Puerto Rican voters while continuing to dismiss claims from his opponent, Bill Nelson, that he would be nothing more than a “yes-man” to President Donald Trump.

The :30 Spanish-speaking spot, called “Fight For You,” again highlights what the Scott campaign calls the governor’s continued commitment to helping Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria which struck the island a little over a year ago and claims Nelson has failed to stand up for Puerto Rico.

“Bill Nelson attacks Rick Scott for working with President Trump,” the announcer says at the beginning of the sport, which will air on television and digital platforms..

“Here are the facts,” the announcer goes on to say. ”Rick Scott has visited Puerto Rico eight times and works with Republicans and Democrats to help Puerto Rico. Rick Scott has confronted President Trump when he disagrees with him.”

The spot goes on to question Nelson’s leadership abilities.

“Bill Nelson: Weak. Confronts no one and only shows up on election time,” the announcer says. “Scott is recognized for the way he aided the victims of the hurricane. Who will fight for you? With your vote, you’ll decide.”

The Scott campaign ad is the second to be released in the past week countering an ad by the Nelson campaign last week claiming Scott would essentially put the needs of the President ahead of those of Floridians.

Polls have shown the race to be a toss-up, even though a CNN poll released Sunday showed Nelson up by 5-points. The poll was conducted by SSRS which came under fire for being an “outlier,” Democratic-leaning pollster that used a flawed methodology in conducting the survey.

Real Clear Politics, which tabulates an average of the polls conducted in various political races, shows Nelson holding a 2.4-point lead.




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