Scott draws on a familiar theme in latest TV ad: “Let’s get to work”

by | Jul 23, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott’s latest campaign ad continues with his message that Washington is “dysfunctional,” being run by career politicians and it’s time to fix it.

The spot, called “Work for Us,” features video of Scott during his announcement on April 9 that he was entering the race

“Washington’s a disaster. It’s dysfunctional,” Scott says in the spot. “This concept of career politicians has got to stop. We’re tired of Washington working for them – they need to start working for us.”

Since entering the race, Scott has been rolling out parts of his “Make Washington Work” Plan, which includes calls for term limits for members of Congress, requiring supermajority votes of two-thirds to pass tax or fee increases in the U.S. House and Senate, adopting a line item veto for the president, and require members of Congress to forego collecting their salaries when they fail to meet budget deadlines.

“We’ve got to bring new ideas, fresh thinking – and we’ve got to change the direction of this country,” Scott goes on to say in the spot, before hitting on a popular slogan used during his administration:  “Let’s get to work.”

Scott is scheduled to campaign in Miami-Dade Monday afternoon where he is expected to unveil another part of his “Make Washington Work” Plan.

Even with Scott spending a lot of money on television ads, recent polls have continued to show the race to be a close battle between Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson.





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