Scott’s team debunks rumored 2026 return to Tallahassee, says he remains focused on national issues

by | Dec 5, 2023

  • Jackie Schutz Zeckman, campaign manager for U.S. Senator Rick Scott, firmly dismissed recent speculations that Scott might seek his old job again in 2026.
  • Emphasizing Scott’s commitment to his role in Washington, Zeckman said he remains focused on his current job, which includes major national challenges such as border security and inflation.
  • But Scott himself also made clear he is dedicated to investigating the travesty by the College Football Playoff committee, and will pursue justice for the Florida State Seminoles.

In the wake of swirling rumors about a potential political switcheroo involving U.S. Senator Rick Scott and Governor Ron DeSantis, Scott’s campaign manage has categorically denied such claims. The original narrative, proposing a role reversal reminiscent of historic political maneuvers, suggested Scott might be eyeing a return to his gubernatorial seat in Tallahassee. This speculation, however, has been unequivocally refuted by Jackie Schutz Zeckman, who has been a top aide and close confidante of Scott since early 2011.

In a clear statement, Zeckman asserted that while Senator Scott cherished his tenure as Florida’s governor, his current focus remains steadfastly on his senatorial responsibilities. Scott, representing Florida in the nation’s capital, is deeply engaged in tackling some of America’s most pressing issues, including securing the nation’s borders, addressing the challenge of runaway inflation, and a foray into sports governance – specifically, investigating the College Football Playoff committee that barred the unconquered Florida State Seminoles and their perfect record from competing for the championship.

The emphatic debunking from Scott’s team put to rest the intricate scenario outlined in the original story, which drew parallels to historical political strategies and hinted at future strategic alliance between Scott and DeSantis bourn out of a combination of convenience and necessity. The story had painted a picture of a win-win scenario ripe with political intrigue and strategic positioning ahead of future elections, suggesting that both Scott and DeSantis could benefit from a swap of roles.

The original narrative drew from past political precedents, such as former Alabama Governor George Wallace’s wife taking over his gubernatorial role in that state, or Governor Charlie Crist’s Senate seat maneuvers with his chief of staff. It outlined a possible scenario where Scott, after securing re-election to the Senate, might leverage his position to re-enter the gubernatorial race in 2026. This potential move was seen as impacting the political prospects of various GOP figures, including Casey DeSantis, who, though undeclared as an official candidate, is nonetheless currently polling favorably for Florida’s next governor.

Regardless of political party, FSU fans across the state agree that Scott is needed in Washington D.C. to vigorously pursue the culprits of Sunday’s college football travesty and bring them to justice.


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