Sen. Ingoglia bolsters county commissioner term limit proposal

by | Nov 13, 2023

  • Sen. Blaise Ingoglia on Monday filed legislation, mirroring Rep. Michelle Salzman’s earlier proposal, to limit County Commissioners in Florida to eight consecutive years in office. 
  • Ingolgia’s measure differs from Salzman’s by barring commissioners from avoiding term limitations by seeking a different seat within the same commission or in another county for two years after their term ends.
  • The bill specifies that any terms for county commissioners begun before November 8, 2022, won’t count towards the eight-year limit in counties without existing term limits, and stricter local term limits will override the state’s if proposed.

Sen. Blaise Ingoglia on Monday filed companion legislation to a measure Rep. Michelle Salzman filed in October that would cap County Commissioners at eight consecutive years of service.

Under Ingoglia’s proposal, county commissioners who have served eight years would be ineligible for immediate reelection. The restriction would also extend to seeking different seats within the same county commission, barring such moves until two years after the conclusion of their initial term.

The bill further specifies that for counties without existing term limits as outlined in their county charters by July 1, 2024, any service terms for county commissioners that started before November 8, 2022, will not be included in the new eight-year term limit. Moreover, if a county charter imposes stricter term limits than those proposed by the state, the more restrictive local rule would be adopted.

“Notwithstanding the terms of any county charter to the contrary, a person may not appear on the ballot for reelection to the office of county commissioner if, by the end of his or her current term of office, the person will have served, or but for resignation would have served, in that office for 8 consecutive years,” reads Ingoglia’s legislation.

Ingoglia’s filing is largely similar to Salzman’s bill, except for a provision that aims to prevent county commissioners from circumventing term limits by running for election in a different county.

“The person may not qualify for or appear on the ballot for a different district seat of the county commission or an at-large county commission seat of the county after his or her initial 8-year term of office until 2 years after the end date of his or her initial term,” the bill states.

Earlier this year, Ingoglia introduced the Senate version of legislation that was signed into law and reduced term limits for school board members in Florida from twelve years to eight years.


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