Sen. Rick Scott pledges support for IVF in new ad spot

by | Jun 5, 2024

U.S. Senator Rick Scott released a new campaign ad on Tuesday defending his stance on In Vitro Fertilization against accusations from Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

United States Sen. Rick Scott released a new campaign ad on Tuesday in response to an attack from Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, addressing accusations regarding his stance on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Mucarsel-Powell’s release, published on May 31, accused Scott of aligning with extreme anti-abortion groups and supporting legislation that would limit reproductive rights. Her campaign noted Scott’s A+ rating from Students for Life Action, an organization known for its strong anti-abortion stance. The ad criticizes Scott for his support of Florida’s six-week abortion ban and for co-sponsoring a national abortion ban. It also notes his association with politicians who oppose contraception.

“Extremists in Florida and across the country already see Rick Scott for exactly what he is: an anti-choice radical who will stop at nothing to take control of women’s bodies and strip away our reproductive rights,” Mucarsel-Powell stated. “Now, he’s the poster child for an organization that wants to ban IVF.”

In his rebuttal, Scott described Mucarsel-Powell’s claim as “typical political rhetoric.” He noted a personal connection to IVF, stating that his youngest daughter is currently undergoing IVF treatments.

“For me, it’s personal. My youngest daughter has been undergoing IVF treatments to grow her family,” Scott says in the ad. “I’m Rick Scott, and this grandpa will always protect IVF, you can count on that.”

NBC News’ Matt Dixon reported on Monday that the incumbent’s campaign “estimates it will spend $700,000 a week for a series TV, radio, and streaming service ads in both English and Spanish.”

Scott, a heavy favorite to defeat Mucarsel-Powell in November, announced last month that he will run for Senate Republican leader when Sen. Mitch McConnell steps down from his post, becoming the third Republican vying for the role, joining South Dakota Sen. John Thune and Texas Sen. John Cornyn.

Scott’s campaign for Senate GOP leader was announced in a letter to fellow lawmakers, outlining his vision for the party’s future. Within the document, Scott noted the need for “dramatic change and transparency” within the Senate, and criticized its current leadership structure, drawing attention to issues such as the national debt, border security, military readiness, and economic challenges. Scott argued that the country is “in deep, deep trouble” and called for a new direction in leadership to address these issues.

“Senate Republican leadership should reflect the views and aspirations of Republican voters. It’s no secret that Republican voters believe we don’t fight hard enough for the issues they care about,” he wrote. “We will have a historic opportunity to solve our country’s problems.”


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