Sens. Rick Scott, Marco Rubio endorse Laurel Lee for re-election despite Trump’s call for ousting

by | May 16, 2024

Florida Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio endorsed Congresswoman Laurel Lee for re-election in Florida’s 15th Congressional District, despite former President Donald Trump’s recent calls for her ousting.

U.S. Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio on Thursday endorsed Congresswoman Laurel Lee for re-election in Florida’s 15th Congressional District, despite political ally of the pair and former President Donald Trump’s recent calls for her ousting.

“Laurel Lee has been a great conservative partner in Washington as we fight to hold Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration accountable for their disastrous policies that continue to fail Florida families, whether it be their tax-and-spend agenda that has caused skyrocketing inflation or dangerously allowing open borders,” said Scott, as Rubio added that “Since being elected to Congress, Laurel Lee has shown that she is a powerful conservative voice and an effective advocate for families and the people of Florida.”

Lee, who served as Florida’s Secretary of State before her election to Congress in 2022, has made border security and holding the Biden administration accountable central themes of her tenure and has served as a member of the House Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees, focusing largely on immigration. Her district includes parts of Northeast Hillsborough County, Pasco, and Polk Counties.

“I am honored to have earned the support of our Republican Florida Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio,” said Lee in response to the endorsements. “They are true conservative warriors for Florida in Washington, and it has been an honor to fight alongside them to protect our state and country from the failures of the Biden administration. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with them to get our country back on track.”

Earlier this year, Trump publicly sought in March primary challengers to Lee, the lone member of the state’s delegation to endorse Gov. Ron DeSantis for president.

The expected Republican nominee for the 2024 General Election took to Truth Social in March querying potential successors to Lee, though did not disclose the basis for his post. Any inquiry submitted by The Capitolist to Trump’s campaign following the post was not answered.

“Any great MAGA Republicans looking to run against Laurel Lee in Florida’s 15th Congressional District?,” Trump posted. “IF SO, PLEASE STEP FORWARD!”

Lee won election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2022, obtaining 41.5 percent of the vote. Lee defeated former lawmakers Kelli Stargel and Jackie Toledo in the party primary, out-fundraising and outspending her opponents. Lee ultimately defeated journalist Alan Cohn to secure her place in Washington’s lower chamber.

Following Trump’s post, Toledo made evident that she would be open to running against Lee once again, stating on X that she is “ready to serve” before stating that she would not run several days later.

“Great MAGA Republican answering the call and ready to serve,” she said in response to Trump’s inquiry for candidates, posting a picture wearing Trump memorabilia from the 2020 Presidential election.

Lee endorsed DeSantis last April, becoming the only lawmaker within Florida’s Congressional Delegation to do so. Her endorsement came shortly before the governor formalized his presidential campaign, but was made in the wake of Florida-based federal lawmakers backing Trump, including Reps. Cory MillsMatt Gaetz, and Anna Paulina Luna.

Once DeSantis suspended his campaign, however, Lee backed Trump, contending that she has “great faith in the leadership and proven track record” of the Former President.


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