Smart & Safe Florida raises $5.2 million for in latest filing period

by | Jun 11, 2024

Smart & Safe Florida raised $5.2 million between April 1 and May 31, with significant contributions from Trulieve, INSA, and Green Sentry Holdings, alongside smaller donations.

Smart & Safe Florida raised $5.2 million between April 1 and May 31 for its campaign to help pass a constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana in Florida.

The largest contribution came from Trulieve Inc., a medicinal marijuana company, which donated $5 million on April 22. To date, the company has donated more than $50 million to the campaign. Other large donations include $144,000 from INSA, a medical marijuana dispensary, on April 2, and $50,000 from Green Sentry Holdings LLC on May 30.

The campaign also received smaller donations from individuals, with contributions ranging from $5 to over $100. The donations came from a variety of supporters, including retired individuals, professors, attorneys, and medical professionals.

Most contributions came from within Florida, but there was also support from out-of-state donors, including those from Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Colorado. The campaign spent $5.9 million during this period on advertising, outreach, and administrative expenses.

Amendment 3, sponsored by Smart & Safe Florida, aims to permit adults aged 21 and older to possess, purchase, or use marijuana products for non-medical use. If ratified, state economists estimate the initiative could generate between $195.6 million and $431.3 million in annual sales tax revenue. When revenue associated with new tourists drawn to the state by legalized marijuana is taken into account, state economists forecast an additional $43.6 million per year.

Fox News poll published last week showed strong support for the ballot initiative, indicating it is likely to pass in November.

The poll found that 66 percent of voters to be in support, while 32 percent oppose it. Support spanned across political affiliations, with 76 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of independents, and 57 percent of Republicans in favor.

Politico reported on Monday that Gov. Ron DeSantis, who previously criticized the amendment initiative, established a new political committee, the Florida Freedom Fund, last month to help fund efforts to stifle its ratification in November. Moreover, the Republican Party of Florida took a formal stance against Amendment 3 last month. Party Cahirman Evan Power stated that it serves as an “unnecessary attempts by an increasingly shrinking minority … to confuse and mislead the electorate.”


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