Snow Day 2018

by | Jan 3, 2018

This item has nothing to do with Florida government or politics. It has everything to do with a rare event from Mother Nature that occurred today and we thought we’d share some photos with you.

The Tallahassee area woke up this morning to its first significant snowfall since 1989. The snow didn’t fall for long but it gave the Capital City and surrounding areas a chance to experience a moment it rarely sees.


Icy rain and sleet fell through the night leaving surfaces a bit slippery. A number of accidents were reported and some roads, including parts of I-10 had to be closed due to icy conditions. Cars were covered with a layer of ice. Shortly after daybreak, the sleet and freezing rain turned to white fluffy snowflakes.

Again, it didn’t last long, but long enough to allow some Floridians appreciate a scene that most only get to .see each year on Christmas cards.









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