Source: NRSC readying ad blitz aimed at Demings’ law enforcement background

by | Jan 25, 2022

Its no secret that U.S. Senator Marco Rubio isn’t ceding any ground to challenger Val Demings on the law enforcement front. Yesterday in Jacksonville, Rubio spoke at the Florida Sheriffs Conference and announced the support of 55 Florida Sheriffs who are backing his reelection bid against Demings, who once served as Orlando Police Chief.

But some of the attendees at the conference weren’t law enforcement officials, but rather consultants dispatched by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) who were at the event to capture footage of the event and more.

“The NRSC had a crew at the event shooting footage of several Sheriffs for possible future use in ads for Rubio,” said one source close to the NRSC’s operations.

While the source did not elaborate, the footage of the sheriffs will almost certainly appear in television ads paid for and produced by the NRSC, whose fundraising has been led by Senator Rick Scott. The NRSC exists to reelect incumbent Republican Senators like Rubio.

Rubio’s remarks at the event gave a preview of the line of attack Florida voters will see once the campaign cycle starts to heat up. Rubio chastised Demings as a former law enforcement official “who should know better” than to align herself with Democrat-led efforts to undermine police forces across the country.

“It’s even worse when someone who knows better and should know better decides to align themselves with this effort to question the work that law enforcement is doing,” said Rubio during his made-for-television remarks. “What do you think is going to happen when you tell people that we’re not going to arrest you if you do something? They’re going to do it. So we have this epidemic of smash and grabs across the country. Not to mention the increase in violence, not only against law enforcement but against each other.”

The NRSC set new fundraising records under Scott last year, raising $104 million during 2021, which included a record-setting fourth quarter in which the committee pulled in more than $28 million. Scott thanked the radical agenda of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for helping him raise the money.

“This NRSC team has smashed fundraising records all cycle, and we have Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.] and the radical Senate Democrats to thank,” said Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), the NRSC’s chairman. “Senate Democrats are focused on abolishing the filibuster, eliminating voter ID requirements, and reckless spending sprees instead of securing the border, fixing the supply chain, and lowering the cost of everyday goods for American families. Voters are rejecting the Democrats’ extreme agenda and are turning to Republicans because we are the party of solutions and will fight to ensure their success. Senate Republicans will win this November, and we are ready to fix the disaster the Democrats have created.”

Any ads produced by the NRSC on Rubio’s behalf likely won’t air for months.



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