Stargel Appointed Senate Appropriations Chair

by | Nov 20, 2020

Today, Florida State Senate President Wilton Simpson appointed Senator Kelli Stargel (R-District 22) as the Chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations during the 2020-2022 Legislative Term.

Stargel was elected to the Florida Senate in November 2012 after serving four years in the Florida House of Representatives. She currently works as the investment property manager for her family-owned small business in Lakeland.

Stargel served as the Senate Deputy Majority Leader and as the Chair of the Finance and Tax Committee and the Vice Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services. She previously served as a member of the Appropriations Committee, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development, the Military and Veterans Affairs, Space, and Domestic Security Committee, and others.

Simpson said in an announcement about Stargel’s appointment, “We are all well aware that the ongoing pandemic has placed a tremendous amount of stress on Florida’s economy, and in turn our state budget. While the most recent reports indicate that our state is recovering more quickly than we initially thought possible, there is no question that much of our time over the next two years will be spent studying issues related to our budget.”

He continued, “I have served with Senator Stargel throughout my entire time here in the Senate and have witnessed her ability to effectively manage complex policy and budget issues. She will be a key member of the Senate leadership and will work to ensure all Senators have the opportunity to play a role in drafting our state budget. Along those lines, you can expect to receive additional information from Senator Stargel in the coming days.

He described the Appropriations Chair as one of the most demanding responsibilities in the Legislature, even under the best of circumstances.

He said, “Kelli is a strong leader, and I am confident she will be an effective member of the Senate leadership in this important role.”


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