State expands Publix vaccination footprint

by | Jan 13, 2021

Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that he is expanding the Publix supermarket chain’s “footprint” in COVID-19 vaccination efforts and is sending vaccine doses to 26 stores in five Northwest Florida counties. The doses will go to seven stores in Okaloosa County, six stores in Escambia County, five stores in Santa Rosa County, five stores in Bay County and three stores in Walton County.

Each store will be able to vaccinate upward of 125 people a day. They will begin accepting appointments on Wednesday and providing the vaccines on Thursday, DeSantis said.

“This is for people who are age 65 and above. This is also for Floridians,” DeSantis said at a news conference outside a Publix in Okaloosa County. “I know we have other states that are close by here. You guys, you follow with what your state’s doing. This is going to be for folks here in Florida.”

Tuesday’s announcement brought to 48 the number of Publix supermarkets getting Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses from the DeSantis administration, which has made more than 4.4 million people who are 65 or older eligible for vaccinations. DeSantis announced last week he was sending 15,000 doses to 22 Publix supermarkets in Hernando, Citrus and Marion counties.

The governor said the state partnered with the chain because Publix was prepared to quickly get started. “I just want to say Publix has done a great job with this. We knew that they would because people love Publix in Florida,” DeSantis said. “But because they’ve done such a good job, we are now expanding the footprint.”


  1. Caroline Zucker

    The rollout of the vaccine has been horrible. Why not let Walgreens also distribute the vaccine as it does the flu vaccine. I have never had a problem with using this venue. I am 82 with a heart condition and neither my husband nor I can get the vaccine and we have been staying on line on our phones. We also have four other people trying to help us. Make the vaccine available – save lives.

  2. Linda Misiewicz

    Stayed on phone all day first day never got acknowledged gave in afternoon my blood going too high very frustrating complaint from elderly I know is no information I am 73 with blood pressure . Cancer .diabetes my husband 74 diabetic he was on his phone I was on mine neither one got message other than all appointments taken this started at 7am how where they all taken retired vet understand there are always glitches in new programs thanks for trying but please allow Winn Dixie to give vaccines

  3. Jackie Grant

    We think Gov DeSantis has done a great job. For everyone’s education – if the scheduling, etc. in your area wasn’t good – look to the source – hospital, health dept. They have to take responsibility. Here in Brevard we were given an appt time and date, whole procedure took less than 30 minutes.

  4. Cheryl Hunter

    Really hoping for more options in Leon County (a large population of seniors). Hard to understand why Publix pharmacies in Leon County don’t step up to get this vaccine to our beloved seniors!

  5. Anonymous

    ,Why do you ask for comments when they are not accepted. ? We are a couple in their 80’s going through the same thing as so many others–can’t talk to anyone or get on a list anywhere and spend many hours trying to “follow the Vaccine. ” ALL counties in FL need to be considered not just NW! There are many “waitlists” it seems, yet when we try to get on them, the standard reply is “try again later”. Hope we make it!!

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